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by Rafa on August 06, 2007, 10:39:00 am

This article should help you set mins, maxes and capacities on your building in one of The Crazy Trade Zones (Homam, Matar, Pass-UNI 05, Yildun, WW-2 934, Olaeth, Nekkar, BE-3 702, Nusakan, Pass-EMP 06) for best cooperation with the rest of economy.

For advices regarding pricing check the My Alliance page under Diplomacy in Pardus. You can find according prices for the right area there.

   Consumed commodities:
Maxes should be set to suffice for at least 12 ticks of operation without resupplying (4 in case of a nebula plant) - that means you have to multiply the upkeep needed you see on the building screen with the amount of ticks.
Mins should be set above maxes to prevent taking upkeep commodities from your buildings (or just to plain 1000 to keep it easy).

   Produced commodities:
Maxes should be set to 0, unless you plan to resell that commodity at your building.
Mins should be set to 0, unless you really need to reserve the production for yourself (but remember to increase the capacity in such case).

The capacities of your buildings should be calculated to store at the same time all of those:
  • maxed upkeep commodities
  • production of 12 ticks (4 in case of a nebula plant)
  • production blocked by your min settings
  • any extra stuff you might be hiding in your building

Q: How should I set mins and maxes in my building in one of The Crazy Trade Zones?

A: Mins and maxes for commodities consumed by a building should be equal 12 * consumption (in case of nebula plant 4 * consumption). This value can be increased, but mind the capacity requirement.

Mins and maxes for produced commodities should be as low as possible, preferably 0.

Q: What is the recommended capacity?

A: The recommended capacity is the sum of your maxes for consumed commodities, mins for produced commodities and 8 * production (in case of nebula planet 4 * production). This value can be increased freely.

   Q: Why do you want my building to store both consumption and production at the same time?
A: There are 2 reasons for that. Supplying your builing and emptying your building might be parts of different trade routes, done separately by different pilots at different moments. Also, if one pilot would try to supply and empty your building at once, a buffer capacity in the building is required, otherwise the transaction might require double APs or be impossible.
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